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Silverlight Pivotviewer – Addendum

Thursday, December 2nd, 2010

I was amused to read:

At a high-level, CXML can be thought of as a set of property/value pairings. Facets are like property values on an item, and facet categories are groups of facets. For example: if a collection had a facet category called “U.S. State,” then “Georgia” could be a facet in that category. Depending on authoring choices, these facets may be displayed as filters in the PivotViewer collection experience, or included in the details of an item. Collection XML Schema

Sounds a lot like the Topic Maps Reference Model.

Or, the game of twenty questions.

That is the subject you are identifying is broader or narrower depending upon the number of key/value pairs you specify.

The Pivotviewer allows you to go from a very broad subject to a very narrow, even a specific one by, adding on key/value pairs.

Legends enable users to arrive at the same broad or narrow subject, even if they have different key/value pairs for that subject.

Hey, that is rather neat and practical isn’t it? (Take note Lars. He knows which one.)

Will have to investigate how to combine collection XML schemas to make that point.

More to follow on this topic (sorry) anon.

Silverlight Pivotviewer – A Turning Point For Visualizing Topic Maps?

Thursday, December 2nd, 2010

Andrew Townley has suggested Gary Flake: is Pivot a turning point for web exploration? as an example of “wow” factor.

From a search on Pivot I found: Silverlight Pivotviewer is no longer experimental.

On the issue of “wow” factor, I have to agree. This is truly awesome.

I am sure there are corner cases and bugs, but I think kudos are due to the developers of Silverlight Pivotviewer.

Now the question is what do “we,” as in the topic maps community, do with this nice shiny tool?


  1. What are the factors you would consider for navigation of your topic map? (3-5 pages, no citations)
  2. How would you test your navigation choices? (3-5 pages, no citations)
  3. Demonstration of navigation of your topic map. (class demonstration)