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Paradise Papers – The Hand Job Edition – Some Small Joy

Wednesday, December 6th, 2017

I need to revise my assessment in Neo4j Desktop Download of Paradise Papers [It’s Not What You Hope For, Disappointment Ahead] to say it is disappointing, but does deliver a hand job version of Paradise Papers data for use in other programs.

Assuming you have made the AppImage file executable, here are the steps on Linux:

1. At the Linux command line type: ./neo4j-desktop-for-icij-1.0.0-x86_64.AppImage

2. Your initial start screen:

3. Notice the Manage Offshore Leaks Graph button:

4. The results of selecting “manage:”

5. Follow the natural progression to data/databases/graph.db and you will find, among other files:

  • neostore.labelscanstore.db (729.1 KB)
  • neostore.nodestore.db (18.1 MB)
  • neostore.propertystore.db (347.9 MB)
  • neostore.propertystore.db.strings (414.9 MB)
  • neostore.relationshipstore.db (64.6 MB TGA image)

The files are, of course, in some binary format, but that’s solved easily enough.

6. Export the data following Michael Hunger’s Export a (sub)graph to Cypher script and import it again post.

7. Load into your favorite graph tool for data exploration.

People who profit from stolen data are very sensitive to licensing issues. Neo4j released this AppImage and its contents under GNU and some parts under an Apache license.

Looking forward to the day when you and the general public can explore all of the Paradise papers, not just selected facts others have chosen for you.