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Project Rhino

Sunday, March 3rd, 2013

Project Rhino

Is Wintel becoming Hintel? ­čśë

If history is a guide, that might not be a bad thing.

From the project page:

As Hadoop extends into new markets and sees new use cases with security and compliance challenges, the benefits of processing sensitive and legally protected data with all Hadoop projects and HBase must be coupled with protection for private information that limits performance impact. Project Rhino is our open source effort to enhance the existing data protection capabilities of the Hadoop ecosystem to address these challenges, and contribute the code back to Apache.

The core of the Apache Hadoop ecosystem as it is commonly understood is:

  • Core: A set of shared libraries
  • HDFS: The Hadoop filesystem
  • MapReduce: Parallel computation framework
  • ZooKeeper: Configuration management and coordination
  • HBase: Column-oriented database on HDFS
  • Hive: Data warehouse on HDFS with SQL-like access
  • Pig: Higher-level programming language for Hadoop computations
  • Oozie: Orchestration and workflow management
  • Mahout: A library of machine learning and data mining algorithms
  • Flume: Collection and import of log and event data
  • Sqoop: Imports data from relational databases

These components are all separate projects and therefore cross cutting concerns like authN, authZ, a consistent security policy framework, consistent authorization model and audit coverage loosely coordinated. Some security features expected by our customers, such as encryption, are simply missing. Our aim is to take a full stack view and work with the individual projects toward consistent concepts and capabilities, filling gaps as we go.

Like I said, might not be a bad thing!

Different from recent government rantings. Focused on a particular stack with the intent to analyze that stack, not the world at large, and to make specific improvements (read measurable results).