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GSI2013 – Geometric Science of Information

Tuesday, June 4th, 2013

GSI2013 – Geometric Science of Information 28-08-2013 – 30-08-2013 (Paris) (program detail)


From the homepage:

The objective of this SEE Conference hosted by MINES ParisTech, is to bring together pure/applied mathematicians and engineers, with common interest for Geometric tools and their applications for Information analysis, with active participation of young researchers for deliberating emerging areas of collaborative research on “Information Geometry Manifolds and Their Advanced Applications”.

I first saw this at: Geometric Science of Information (GSI): programme is out!

Computational Information Geometry

Sunday, January 27th, 2013

Computational Information Geometry by Frank Nielsen.

From the homepage:

Computational information geometry deals with the study and design of efficient algorithms in information spaces using the language of geometry (such as invariance, distance, projection, ball, etc). Historically, the field was pioneered by C.R. Rao in 1945 who proposed to use the Fisher information metric as the Riemannian metric. This seminal work gave birth to the geometrization of statistics (eg, statistical curvature and second-order efficiency). In statistics, invariance (by non-singular 1-to-1 reparametrization and sufficient statistics) yield the class of f-divergences, including the celebrated Kullback-Leibler divergence. The differential geometry of f-divergences can be analyzed using dual alpha-connections. Common algorithms in machine learning (such as clustering, expectation-maximization, statistical estimating, regression, independent component analysis, boosting, etc) can be revisited and further explored using those concepts. Nowadays, the framework of computational information geometry opens up novel horizons in music, multimedia, radar, and finance/economy.

Numerous resources including publications, links to conference proceedings (some with videos), software and other materials, including a tri-lingual dictionary, Japanese, English, French, of terms in information geometry.

Dictionary of computational information geometry

Sunday, January 27th, 2013

Dictionary of computational information geometry (PDF) by Frank Nielsen. (Compiled January 23, 2013)

The title is a bit misleading.

It should read: “[Tri-Lingual] Dictionary of computational information geometry.”

Terms are defined in:




An excellent resource in a linguistically diverse world!