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The god Architecture

Saturday, March 9th, 2013

The god Architecture

From the overview:

god is a scalable, performant, persistent, in-memory data structure server. It allows massively distributed applications to update and fetch common data in a structured and sorted format.

Its main inspirations are Redis and Chord/DHash. Like Redis it focuses on performance, ease of use and a small, simple yet powerful feature set, while from the Chord/DHash projects it inherits scalability, redundancy, and transparent failover behaviour.

This is a general architectural overview aimed at somewhat technically inclined readers interested in how and why god does what it does.

To try it out right now, install Go, git, Mercurial and gcc, go get, run god_server, browse to http://localhost:9192/.

For API documentation, go to

For the source, go to

I know, “in memory” means its not “web scale” but to be honest, I have a lot of data needs that aren’t “web scale.”

There, I’ve said it. Some (most?) important data is not “web scale.”

And when it is, I only have to check my spam filter for options to deal with “web scale” data.

The set operations in particular look quite interesting.


I first saw this in Nat Torkington’s Four short links: 1 March 2013.