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Fighting Spam at Twitter [Spam means non-licensed by service provider?]

Wednesday, October 10th, 2012

Fighting Spam at Twitter by Marti Hearst.

From the post:

On Thursday, Delip Rao electrified the class with a lecture on how Twitter combats the pervasive threat of tweet spam:

The video failed but lecture notes are available.

Spam defined:

An unintended use of a service by an adversary to potentially cause harm or degrade user experience while maximizing benefit for the adversary.

On the slides, “Rate-limit avoidance” appears under “unintended use.”

Licensing by service provider means material that “degrade[s] user experience while maximizing benefit for the adversary” isn’t spam?

My experience with licensed spam on television (including cable) and online is that it all degrades my experience in hope of maximizing their gain.

We need a pull model for advertising instead of a push one.

Banning all push spam would be a step in the right direction.