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Open Sourcing 3D City Reconstruction

Friday, November 14th, 2014

Open Sourcing 3D City Reconstruction by Jan Erik Solem.

From the post:

One of the downsides of using simple devices for mapping the world is that the GPS accuracy is not always great, especially in cities with tall buildings. Since the start we have always wanted to correct this using image matching and we are now making progress in that area.

The technique is called ‘Structure from Motion‘ (SfM) and means that you compute the relative camera positions and a 3D reconstruction of the environment using only the images.

We are now open sourcing our tools under the name OpenSfM and developing it in the open under a permissive BSD license. The project is intended to be a complete end-to-end easy-to-use SfM pipeline on top of OpenCV. We welcome all contributors, from industry and academia, to join the project. Driving this work inside Mapillary is Pau and Yubin.

Moving forward we are initially going to use this for improving the positioning and connection between Mapillary photos. Later, we are going to have an ever improving 3D reconstruction of every place on the planet too ;).

Are you ready to enhance your maps with 3D?

BTW, evidence that small vendors also support open source.

I first saw this in a tweet by Peter Neubauer.

Mapillary to OpenStreetMap

Monday, March 10th, 2014

Mapillary to OpenStreetMap by Johan Gyllenspetz.

From the post:

We have been working with the OpenStreetMap community lately and we wanted to investigate how Mapillary can be used as a tool for some serious mapping.

First of all I needed to find a possible candidate area for mapping. After some investigation I found this little park in West Hollywood, called West Hollywood park. The park was under construction on the Bing images in the Id editor and nobody has traced the park yet.

If a physical map lacks your point of interest, you have to mark on the map or use some sort of overlay.

Like a topic map, with Mapillary and OpenStreetMap, you can add your point of interest with a suitable degree of accuracy.

You don’t need the agreement of your local department of highways or civil defense authorities.


I first saw this in a tweet by Map@Syst.