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Compare SearchBlox 7.0 vs. Solr

Monday, May 28th, 2012

Compare SearchBlox 7.0 vs. Solr by Timo Selvaraj.

From the post:

SearchBlox 7 is a (free) enterprise solution for website, ecommerce, intranet and portal search. The new 7.0 version makes it easy to add faceted search without the hassles of managing a schema and scales horizontally without any manual configuration or external software/scripts. SearchBlox enables you to achieve term, range and date based faceted search without manually maintaining a schema file as in Solr. SearchBlox enables to have distributed indexing and searching abilities without using any separate scripts/programs as in SolrCloud. SearchBlox provides on demand dynamic faceting of fields without specifying them through a config or script.

Expecting a comparison of SearchBlox 7.0 and Solr?

You are going to be disappointed.

Summary of what Timo thinks about SearchBlox 7.0.

Not a bad thing, just not a basis for comparison.

That you have to supply yourself.

I am going to throw a copy of SearchBlox 7.0 on the fire later this week.