Advertising RDF and Linked Data:… [Where’s the beef?]

Advertising RDF and Linked Data: SPARQL Queries on EU Data

From the webpage:

This is a collection of SPARQL queries on EU data that shows benefits of converting it to RDF and linking it, i.e. queries that reveal non-trivial information that would have been hard to reconstruct by hunting it down over separate/unlinked data sources.

At first I thought this would be a cool demonstration of the use of SPARQL, with the queries as links and more fully set forth below.

Nada. The non-working hyperlinks in the list of queries I suspect were meant to be internal links to the fuller exposition of the queries.

Then when I get to the queries, the only one that promises:

Link to query result:

Returns a 404.

The other links appear to be links to webpages that given a SPARQL, which if I had a SPARQL client, I could paste the SPARQL query in to see the result.

I would mirror the question:

Effort of obtaining those results without RDFizing and linking:


Effort to see “…benefits of convering [EU data] to RDF and linking it” without a SPARQL client, very high/impossible.

That’s not just a criticism of RDF. Topic maps made a different mistake but it had the same impact.

The question for any user is “where’s the beef?” What am I gaining? Now, not some unknown number of tomorrows from now. Today!

PS: The EU data cloud has dropped the “Linked Open Data Around-the-Clock” moniker I reported in September of 2011. Same place, different branding. I suspect that is why governments like the web so much. Implementing newspeak policy is just a save away.

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