LATC – Linked Open Data Around-the-Clock

LATC – Linked Open Data Around-the-Clock

This appears to be an early release of the site because it has an “unfinished” feel to it. For example, you to poke around a bit to find the tools link. And it isn’t clear how the project intends to promote the use of those tools or originate others to promote the use of linked data.

I suppose it is too late to avoid the grandiose “around-the-clock” project name? Web servers, barring some technical issue, are up 24 x 7. They keep going even as we sleep. Promise.


increase the number, the quality and the accuracy of data links between LOD datasets. LATC contributes to the evolution of the World Wide Web into a global data space that can be exploited by applications similar to a local database today. By increasing the number and quality of data links, LATC makes it easier for European Commission-funded projects to use the Linked Data Web for research purposes.

support institutions as well as individuals with Linked Data publication and consumption. Many of the practical problems that a European Commission-funded project may discover when interaction with the Web of Data are solved on the conceptual level and the solutions have been implemented into freely available data publication and consumption tools. What is still missing is the dissemination of knowledge about how to use these tools to interact with the Web of Linked Data. We aim at providing this knowledge.

create an in-depth test-bed for data intensive applications by publishing datasets produced by the European Commission, the European Parliament, and other European institutions as Linked Data on the Web and by interlinking them with other governmental data, such as found in the UK and elsewhere.

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