Hadoop Adds Red Hat [More Hadoop Silos Coming]

Red Hat Unveils Big Data and Open Hybrid Cloud Direction

From the post:

Red Hat, Inc. (NYSE: RHT), the world’s leading provider of open source solutions, today announced its big data direction and solutions to satisfy enterprise requirements for highly reliable, scalable, and manageable solutions to effectively run their big data analytics workloads. In addition, Red Hat announced that the company will contribute its Red Hat Storage Hadoop plug-in to the ApacheTM Hadoop® open community to transform Red Hat Storage into a fully-supported, Hadoop-compatible file system for big data environments, and that Red Hat is building a robust network of ecosystem and enterprise integration partners to deliver comprehensive big data solutions to enterprise customers. This is another example of Red Hat’s strategic commitment to big data customers and its continuing efforts to provide them with enterprise solutions through community-driven innovation.

The more Hadoop grows, the more Hadoop silos will as well.

You will need Hadoop and semantic skills to wire Hadoop silos together.

Re-wire with topic maps to avoid re-wiring the same Hadoop silos over and over again.

I first saw this at Red Hat reveal big data plans, open sources HDFS replacement by Elliot Bentley.

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