Hadoop silos need integration…

Hadoop silos need integration, manage all data as asset, say experts by Brian McKenna.

From the post:

Big data hype has caused infantile disorders in corporate organisations over the past year. Hadoop silos, an excess of experimentation, and an exaggeration of the importance of data scientists are among the teething problems of big data, according to experts, who suggest organisations should manage all data as an asset.

Steve Shelton, head of data services at consultancy Detica, part of BAE Systems, said Hadoop silos have become part of the enterprise IT landscape, both in the private and public sectors. “People focused on this new thing called big data and tried to isolate it [in 2011 and 2012],” he said.

The focus has been too concentrated on non-traditional data types, and that has been driven by the suppliers. The business value of data is more effectively understood when you look at it all together, big or otherwise, he said.

Have big data technologies been a distraction? “I think it has been an evolutionary learning step, but businesses are stepping back now. When it comes to information governance, you have to look at data across the patch,” said Shelton.

He said Detica had seen complaints about Hadoop silos, and these were created by people going through a proof-of-concept phase, setting up a Hadoop cluster quickly and building a team. But a Hadoop platform involves extra costs on top, in terms of managing it and integrating it into your existing business processes.

“It’s not been a waste of time and money, it is just a stage. And it is not an insurmountable challenge. The next step is to integrate those silos, but the thinking is immature relative to the technology itself,” said Shelton.

I take this as encouraging news for topic maps.

Semantically diverse data has been stores in semantically diverse datastores. Data, which if integrated, could provide business value.


There will always be a market for topic maps because people can’t stop creating semantically diverse data and data stores.

How’s that for long term market security?

No matter what data or data storage technology arises, semantic inconsistency will be with us always.

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