Jurimetrics (Modern Uses of Logic in Law (MULL))

Jurimetrics (Modern Uses of Logic in Law (MULL))

From the about page:

Jurimetrics, The Journal of Law, Science, and Technology (ISSN 0897-1277), published quarterly, is the journal of the American Bar Association Section of Science & Technology Law and the Center for Law, Science & Innovation. Click here to view the online version of Jurimetrics.

Jurimetrics is a forum for the publication and exchange of ideas and information about the relationships between law, science and technology in all areas, including:

  • Physical, life and social sciences
  • Engineering, aerospace, communications and computers
  • Logic, mathematics and quantitative methods
  • The uses of science and technology in law practice, adjudication and court and agency administration
  • Policy implications and legislative and administrative control of science and technology.

Jurimetrics was first published in 1959 under the leadership of Layman Allen as Modern Uses of Logic in Law (MULL). The current name was adopted in 1966. Jurimetrics is the oldest journal of law and science in the United States, and it enjoys a circulation of more than 8,000, which includes all members of the ABA Section of Science & Technology Law.

I just mentioned this journal in Wyner et al.: An Empirical Approach to the Semantic Representation of Laws, but wanted to also capture its earlier title, Modern Uses of Logic in Law (MULL), because I am likely to search for it as well.

I haven’t looked at the early issues in some years but as I recall, they were quite interesting.

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