Your Help Needed: the Effect of Aesthetics on Visualization – Post

Your Help Needed: the Effect of Aesthetics on Visualization

Your opportunity to make a contribution to the study of visualization!

From the website:

We have just launched an online study on measuring the effect of aesthetics in data visualization. If you have about 10-20 minutes of uninterrupted time, please head over to Aesthetic Impact [] and take part in our online study. The main task that will be expected from you, is to interact with a visualization, and describe what you have learned from it.

The study is not only meant for visualization fanatics, so please pass around the URL to any person who might be interested in participating. The only thing you need to know is that the study is less about usability, utility or usefulness, and more about measuring what non-trivial and unexpected insights you actually ‘get’ from interacting with a specific data representation.

As communicating insight is the main reason for any interactive visualization, we think that measuring this aspect has become really important. Yet, we require the help of many ‘users’ to be able to say something meaningful…

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