TMQL Slides for Prague 2011

TMQL Slides for Prague 2011

TMQL slides with discussion points for Prague have been posted!

Please review even if you don’t plan on attending the Prague meeting to offer your comments and questions.

Comments and questions I am sure are always welcome, but are more useful if received prior to weeks if not months of preparing standards prose.

Since I ask, I have several questions (some of which will probably have to be answered post-Prague):

1st Question:

While I understand the utility of the illustrated syntax reflected on the slides, I am more concerned with the underlying formal model for TMQL. Syntax and its explanation for users is very important, but that can take many forms. Can you say a bit more about the underlying formal model that underlies TMQL?

2nd Question:

See my blog post on Indexing by Properties. To what extent is TMQL going to support the use of multiple properties (occurrences) for the purposes of identifications?

3rd Question:

What datatypes will be supported by TMQL? How are additional datatypes declared?

4th Question:

What comparison operators are supported by TMQL?

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