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I scan lightly before I clean out my spam filter for the blog and saw:

Hello. Yesterday I found two new books about Data mining. These series of books entitled by ‘Data Mining’ address the need by presenting in-depth description of novel mining algorithms and many useful applications. In addition to understanding each section deeply, the two books present useful hints and strategies to solving problems in the following chapters.The progress of data mining technology and large public popularity establish a need for a comprehensive text on the subject. Books are: “New Fundamental Technologies in Data Mining” here & “Knowledge-Oriented Applications in Data Mining” here These are open access books so you can download it for free or just read on online reading platform like I do. Cheers!

I was curious enough to follow the links and was glad I did.

InTech – Open Access Publisher has a number of volumes for downloading that may interest topic mappers. For free!

At first I thought these were article collections, made up of conference and other papers. I have only spot checked Self Organizing Maps – Applications and Novel Algorithm Design, edited by Josphat Igadwa Mwasiagi, but none of the paper titles appear in web searches, other than at

Apologies for appearing suspicious but there is so much re-cycled content on the WWW these days. That does not appear to be the case here, which is welcome news!

Would appreciate hearing of the experience of others with volumes from this site.

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