Lagging on Balisage Paper? PsyOps Advice

Are you lagging on your Balisage paper for submission on 22 April 2018?

Robert Cialdini, Pre-Suasion, at pages 116-120, details how to build a persuasive geography that focuses you on a Balisage submission.

The “trick” is to create geography/surroundings that remind you of Balisage, along with the great people, papers and conversations.


Go to the Balisage Social Pages to grab pics of people, social gatherings, etc., from Balisage and make them into screen savers, posters, make your work space a mini-Balisage den.

Try it! You will be thinking about and working on your Balisage paper nearly constantly!

PS: The same trick works for other things but I would reserve it for Balisage papers. 😉

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