Discrediting the FBI?

Whatever your opinion of the accidental U.S. president (that’s a dead give away), what does it mean to “discredit” the FBI?

Just hitting the high points:

The FBI has a long history of lying and abuse, these being only some of the more recent examples.

So my question remains: What does it mean to “discredit” the FBI?

The FBI and its agents are unworthy of any belief by anyone. Their own records and admissions are a story of staggering from one lie to the next.

I’ll grant the FBI is large enough that honorable, hard working, honest agents must exist. But not enough of them to prevent the repeated fails at the FBI.

Anyone who credits any FBI investigation has motivations other than the factual record of the FBI.

PS: The Nunes memo confirms what many have long suspected about the FISA court: It exercises no more meaningful oversight over FISA warrants than a physical rubber stamp would in their place.

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