Technology vs. Teaching?

The reported experiences with technology at “Data Bootcamp” tutorial at O’Reilly’s Strata Conference 2011, installation and other woes, made me think about technology and teaching for topic maps.

Is it a question of technology vs. teaching?

If technology gets in the way of teaching, does the same happen for users?

I don’t know of any user studies where users are presented with an interface and a list of questions to answer or tasks to perform, in connection with a particular topic maps interface?

Has anyone done such studies?

It would be really good to have a public archive of videos of such sessions (with permission of the participants).

PS: For topic map presentations/workshops, it would be good to record comments so tests of the presentation/workshop could be done in advance.

I have done presentations where the slides were perfectly clear to me when I wrote them. At presentation time I had to temporize to remember what I was trying to say. You can imagine the difficulty the audience was having. 😉

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