Who’s on everyone’s 2017 “hit list”?

Who’s on everyone’s 2017 “hit list”? by Suzan Baert.

From the post:

At the end of the year, everyone is making lists. And radio stations are no exceptions.
Many of our radio stations have a weekly “people’s choice” music chart. Throughout the week, people submit their top 3 recent songs, and every week those votes turn into a music chart. At the end of the year, they collapse all those weekly charts into a larger one covering the entire year.

I find this one quite interesting: it’s not dependent on what music people buy, it’s determined by what the audience of that station wants to hear. So what are the differences between these stations? And do they match up with what I would expect?

What was also quite intriguing: in Dutch we call it a hit lijst and if you translate that word for word you get: hit list. Which at least one radio station seems to do…

Personally, when I hear the word hit list, music is not really what comes to mind, but hey, let’s roll with it: which artists are on everyone’s ‘hit list’?

A delightful scraping of four (4) radio station “hit lists,” which uses rOpenSci robotstxt, rvest, xml2, dplyr, tidyr, ggplot2, phantomJS, and collates the results.

Music doesn’t come to mind for me when I hear “hit list.”

For me “hit list” means what Google wasn’t you to know about subject N.


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