xsd2json – XML Schema to JSON Schema Transform

xsd2json by Loren Cahlander.

From the webpage:

XML Schema to JSON Schema Transform – Development and Test Environment

The options that are supported are:

‘keepNamespaces’ – set to true if keeping prefices in the property names is required otherwise prefixes are eliminated.

‘schemaId’ – the name of the schema

#xs:short { “type”: “integer”, “xsdType”: “xs:short”, “minimum”: -32768, “maximum”: 32767, “exclusiveMinimum”: false, “exclusiveMaximum”: false }

To be honest, I can’t imagine straying from Relax-NG, much less converting an XSD schema into a JSON schema.

But, it’s not possible to predict all needs and futures (hint to AI fearests). It will be easier to find xsd2json here than with adware burdened “modern” search engines, should the need arise.

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