Journocode Data Journalism Dictionary

Journocode Data Journalism Dictionary

From the webpage:

Navigating the field of data journalism, a field that borrows methods and terms from so many disciplines, can be hard – especially in the beginning. You need to speak the language in order to collaborate with others and knowing which words to type into a search engine is the first step to learning new things.

That’s why we started the Journocode Data Journalism Dictionary. It aims to explain technical terms from fields like programming, web development, statistics and graphics design in a way that every journalist and beginner can understand them.

Fifty-one (51) definitions as of today, 8 December 2017, and none will be unfamiliar to data scientists.

But, a useful resource for data scientists to gauge the terms already known to data journalists and perhaps a place to contribute other terms with definitions.

Don’t miss their DDJ Tools resource page while you visiting.

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