CatBoost: Yandex’s machine learning algorithm (here be Russians)

CatBoost: Yandex’s machine learning algorithm is available free of charge Victoria Zavyalova.

From the post:

Russia’s Internet giant Yandex has launched CatBoost, an open source machine learning service. The algorithm has already been integrated by the European Organization for Nuclear Research to analyze data from the Large Hadron Collider, the world’s most sophisticated experimental facility.

Machine learning helps make decisions by analyzing data and can be used in many different areas, including music choice and facial recognition. Yandex, one of Russia’s leading tech companies, has made its advanced machine learning algorithm, CatBoost, available free of charge for developers around the globe.

“This is the first Russian machine learning technology that’s an open source,” said Mikhail Bilenko, Yandex’s head of machine intelligence and research.

I called out the Russian origin of the CatBoost algorithm, not because I have any nationalistic tendencies but you can find frothing paranoids in U.S. government agencies and their familiars who do. In those cases, avoid CatBoost.

If you work in saner environments, or need to use categorical data (read not converted to numbers), give CatBoost a close look!


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