Onion Deep Web Link Directory

Onion Deep Web Link Directory (http://4bcdydpud5jbn33s.onion/)

Without a .onion address in hand, you will need to consult an .onion link list.

This .onion link list offers:

  • Hidden Service Lists and search engines – 23 links
  • Marketplace financial and drugs – 25 links
  • Hosting – 6 links
  • Blogs – 18 links
  • Forums and Chans – 12 links
  • Email and Messaging – 8 links
  • Political – 11 links
  • Hacking – 4 links
  • Warez – 12 links
  • Erotic 18+ – 7 links
  • Non-English – 18 links

Not an overwhelming number of links but enough to keep you and a Tor browser busy over the coming holiday season.

FYI, adult/erotic content sites are a primary means for the distribution of malware.

Hostile entity rules of engagement apply at all .onion addresses. (Just as no one “knows” you are a dog on the Internet, an entity found at a .onion address, could be the FBI. Act accordingly.)

I first saw this in the Hunchly Daily Hidden Services Report for 2017-11-03.

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