Berlusconi Market (Dark Web)

Berlusconi Market (http://55j6kjwki4vjtmzp.onion/)

This notice on Berlusconi Market brings a smile:

Due to high traffic, we are overwhelmed by tickets, vendor applies ecc. If any order-related error occurs, please contact us. Your money is safe. BM Staff

Hmmm, I’m using an allegedly non-traceable connection to a non-traceable website to connect with a non-traceable vendor, yet, I’m assured my money is safe.

That’s a big ask. 😉

The numbers will change but as of today:

Fraud 676
Drugs & Chemicals 2807
Guides & Tutorials 325
Counterfeit Items 145
Digital Products 347
Jewels & Gold 2
Weapons 75
Carded Items 20
Services 72
Software & Malware 20
Security & Hosting 10
Other Listings 33

Anonymous sources are as trustworthy as any government. Use security precautions suitable for a known hostile entity.

PS: As I cover useful Dark Web sites, I will be giving their .onion addresses. Not listing Dark Web addresses is a juvenile antic at best.

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