WiMonitor – Hacker Arsenal, Design Suggestions


From the webpage:

WiMonitor makes Wi-Fi packet sniffing and network monitoring dead simple!

Once configured the device automatically scans channels 1-13 in the 2.4GHz band, captures packets and sends them to a remote IP address over Ethernet for further processing. The encapsulation is compatible with Wireshark so you can analyze Wi-Fi traffic using it.

More information on how to get started: Getting Started Guide.

Design Suggestions:

I’m not the artistic type but I do have a couple of suggestions for the housing of the WiMonitor.

Stock image from website:

Right, let’s make the case a bright white, use “Hacker Arsenal” with a bright graphic on top surface, have labels for Wan/Lan and USB (those are hard to recognize) and of course, a power light to attract attention.

Sigh. I guess it go well with your standard working shirt:

Those c-suite types won’t notice you at all. Completely invisible.

If you strive to be a little less noticeable, ask Hacker Arsenal for a little less obvious WiMonitor. Something along these lines:

First, a black case, lose the cover as well:

(Yes, I need to work on my graphic editing skills. 😉 )

Second, make an internal USB connection sufficient for 256GB USB thumb drive, battery for power and lose the power light.

Make it drop and retrieve ready.

Now that would be a hot package!

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