Data Munging with R (MEAP)

Data Munging with R (MEAP) by Dr. Jonathan Carroll.

From the description:

Data Munging with R shows you how to take raw data and transform it for use in computations, tables, graphs, and more. Whether you already have some programming experience or you’re just a spreadsheet whiz looking for a more powerful data manipulation tool, this book will help you get started. You’ll discover the ins and outs of using the data-oriented R programming language and its many task-specific packages. With dozens of practical examples to follow, learn to fill in missing values, make predictions, and visualize data as graphs. By the time you’re done, you’ll be a master munger, with a robust, reproducible workflow and the skills to use data to strengthen your conclusions!

Five (5) out of eleven (11) parts available now under the Manning Early Access Program (MEAP). Chapter one, Introducing Data and the R Language is free.

Even though everyone writes books from front to back (or at least claim to), it would be nice to see a free “advanced” chapter every now and again. There’s not much you can say about an introductory chapter other than it’s an introductory chapter. That’s no different here.

I suspect you will get a better idea about Dr. Carroll’s writing from his blog, Irregularly Scheduled Programming or by following him on Twitter: @carroll_jono.

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