Useless List of Dark Web Bargains – NRA Math/Social Science Problems

A hacker’s toolkit, shocking what you can buy on Dark Web for a few bucks by Mark Jones.

From the post:


  • Sophisticated license for widespread attacks $200
  • Unsophisticated license for targeted attacks $50


  • 500 SMS (Flooding) $20
  • 500 malicious email spam $400
  • 500 phone calls (Flooding) $20
  • 1 million email spam (legal) $200

What makes this listing useless? Hmmm, did you notice the lack of URLs?

With URLs, a teacher could create realistic math problems like:

How much money would Los Vegas shooting survivors and families of the deceased victims have to raise to “flood” known NRA phone numbers during normal business hours (US Eastern time zone) for thirty consecutive days? (give the total number of phone lines and their numbers as part of your answer)

or research problems (social science/technology),

Using the current NRA 504c4 report, choose a minimum of three (3) directors of the NRA and specify what tools, Internet or Dark Web, you would use to find additional information about each director, along with the information you discovered with each tool for each director.

or advanced research problems (social science/technology),

Using any tool or method, identify a minimum of five (5) contributors to the NRA that are not identified on the NRA website or in any NRA publication. The purpose of this exercise is to discover NRA members who have not been publicly listed by the NRA itself. For each contributor, describe your process, including links and results.

Including links in posts, even lists, helps readers reuse and even re-purpose content.

It’s called the World Wide Web for a reason, hyperlinks.

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