Router Games While Waiting in Congressional Rep’s Parking Lot

With the US congressional mid-term election only 381 days away (2018-11-06), I can only imagine the boredom from sitting in your representative’s branch office parking lot.

Watching for your representative and his/her visitors is a thankless task. The public always being interested in such details.

One amusing and potentially skill building exercise is described in Man-in-the-middle Router.

From the post:

Turn any linux computer into a public Wi-Fi network that silently mitms all http traffic. Runs inside a Docker container using hostapd, dnsmasq, and mitmproxy to create a open honeypot wireless network named “Public”. For added fun, change the network name to “xfinitywifi” to autoconnect anyone who has ever connected to those networks… they are everywhere.

The suggestion of using popular network names, which you can discover by cruising about with your Linux laptop, seems especially interesting.

Brush up on your cyberskills!

2018 is brimming with promise!

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