BigCouch 0.3 release.

From the website:

BigCouch is our open-source flavor of CouchDB with built-in clustering capability.

The main difference between BigCouch and standalone Couch is the inclusion of an OTP application that ‘clusters’ CouchDB across multiple servers.

For now, BigCouch is a stand-alone fork of CouchDB. In the future, we believe (and hope!) that many of the upgrades we’ve made will be incorporated back into CouchDB proper.

Many worthwhile topic map applications can be written without clustering, but “clustering” is one of those buzz words to include your response to an RFP, grant proposal, etc.

Good to have some background on what clustering means/requires in general and beating on several of the clustering solutions will develop that background.

Not to mention that you will know when it makes sense to actually implement clustering.

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