If You Are Keeping A Public Enemies List…

Not everyone keeps a “public enemies” list and fewer still actively work against those on the list.

If you do more than grumble against your list members on Buttbook, I have important information for you.

Bell Calls for CRTC-Backed Website Blocking System and Complete Criminalization of Copyright in NAFTA

From the post:

Bell, Canada’s largest telecom company, has called on the government to support radical copyright and broadcast distribution reforms as part of the NAFTA renegotiation. Their proposals include the creation of a mandated website blocking system without judicial review overseen by the CRTC and the complete criminalization of copyright with criminal provisions attached to all commercial infringement. Bell also supports an overhaul of the current retransmission system for broadcasters, supporting a “consent model” that would either keep U.S. channels out of the Canadian market or dramatically increase their cost of access while maintaining simultaneous substitution.

There may be clearer declarations against the public good but I haven’t seen them. But, I haven’t read all the secret documents at the Office of the US Trade Representative (USTR). Judging from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) documents, the USTR advances only the interest of business, not the public.

You can picket the offices of Bell in Canada, collect arrest/citations while mugging for TV cameras at protests that disrupt traffic, etc., all the while Bell labors 24 x 7 to damage, irrevocably, the public good.

Bell and numerous others have openly declared war on the rights of the public (that includes you).

Just for your information.

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