Storyzy A.I. Fights Fake Quotes (Ineffective Against Trump White House)

In the battle against fake news, Storyzy A.I. fights fake quotes

From the post:

The Quote Verifier launched today by Storyzy takes the battle against fake news to a whole new automated level by conveniently flagging fake quotes on social networks and search engines with +50,000 new authentic quotes added daily.

Storyzy aims to help social networks and search engines by spotting fake quotes. To fulfill this ambition Storyzy developed a tool (currently available in Beta version) that verifies whether a quote is authentic or not by checking if a person truly said that or not.
… (emphasis in original)

A tool for your short-list of verification tools to use on a daily basis.

It’s ineffective against the Trump White House because accurate quotes can still be “false.”

“Truthful quotes,” as per Trump White House policy, issue only from the President and must reflect what he meant to say. Subject to correction by the President.

A “truthful quote,” consists of three parts:

  1. Said by the President
  2. Reflects what he meant to say
  3. Includes any subsequent correction by the President (one or more)

There is a simply solution to avoiding “false” quotes from President Trump:

Never quote him or his tweets at all.

Quote his lackeys, familiars and sycophants, but not him.

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