The Quartz Directory of Essential Data (Directory of Directories Is More Accurate)

The Quartz Directory of Essential Data

From the webpage:

A curated list of useful datasets published by important sources. Please remember that “important” does not mean “correct.” You should vet these data as you would with any human source.

Switch to the “Data” tab at the bottom of this spreadsheet and use Find (⌘ + F) to search for datasets on a particular topic.

Note: Just because data is useful, doesn’t mean it’s easy to use. The point of this directory is to help you find data. If you need help accessing or interpreting one of these datasets, please reach out to your friendly Quartz data editor, Chris.

Slack: @chris

A directory of 77 data directories. The breath of organizing topics, health, trade, government, for example, creates a need for repeated data mining by every new user.

A low/no-friction method for creating more specific and re-usable directories has remained elusive.

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