Leaking Photos Of: “Sophisticated Bomb Parts”

Theresa May to tackle Donald Trump over Manchester bombing evidence by Heather Stewart, Robert Booth and Vikram Dodd.

From the post:

British officials were infuriated on Wednesday when the New York Times published forensic photographs of sophisticated bomb parts that UK authorities fear could complicate the expanding investigation into the lethal blast in which five further arrests have been made in the UK and two more in Libya.

See for yourself: Found at the Scene in Manchester: Shrapnel, a Backpack and a Battery by C. J. Chivers.

Let’s see, remains of a backpack, detonator, metal scrap, battery.

Do you see any sophisticated bomb parts?

Sophistication, skill, encryption, etc., are emphasized after terrorist attacks, I assume to excuse the failure of authorities to prevent such attacks.

That’s more generous than assuming UK authorities are so untrained they consider this a “sophisticated” bomb. Just guessing from the parts, hardly.

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