Tackling “Fake News” (So You Don’t Have To, How Nice)

A Global Guide to Initiatives Tackling “Fake News” by Fergus Bell.

From the post:

Here’s a list of initiatives that hope to fix trust in journalism and tackle “fake news”.

There’s a lot.

I’ve tried to collect an extensive list of projects, initiatives and tools created to fix trust in journalism and false/fake news and misinformation. This also includes efforts and initiatives around verification. Where possible I’ve also tried to attach where the funding has come from for each initiative.

A great resource for tracking efforts with the self-appointed goal of:

Protecting you from “fake news.”

The arrogance of such efforts is almost palpable. They can recognize “fake news” but millions of benighted souls on the Internet are victims in waiting.

I have a great deal of sympathy for the efforts to teach readers how to evaluate information, the source of its reporting and consistency with other sources of information.

However, efforts like that of Google, are an attempt to privilege certain narratives with an imprimatur of truth.

Skip to the “guides” section of Bell’s post and preserve your own judgment in the face of the hue and cry over “fake news.”

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