Airport WiFi Passwords Map (Frequent Face?)

A Map Of Wireless Passwords From Airports And Lounges Around The World (Updated Regularly) by Anil Polat.

From the post:

Finding an open wireless connection in many airports isn’t always easy, or possible, without a password (or local phone number which is stupid). The difficulty of getting online is why I asked you for and created an always-up-to-date list of airport wireless passwords around the world. You’ve been sending me your tips regularly and I post on the foXnoMad Facebook page when there’s a new password or airport added.

Recently, reader Zach made a great suggestion that will make it easier for you to search, add, and keep up with this airport wireless password list.

I applaud Polat taking the initiative and investing the effort to make this wonderful resource available. Certainly a benefit to travelers who are quite casual about WiFi security.

I say “travelers who are quite casual about WiFi security” because any false WiFi hotspot is going to set the same password as the pay-to-play airport WiFi.

Being charged for a service is no guarantee of non-abuse. Any cable subscriber knows that already.

The password list makes airports sound like great hacking locations. Free WiFi, cheap food, easy targets, but, not such a great spot after all.

Presume all faces are scanned at airports, processed and stored. Becoming a “frequent face (FF)” doesn’t carry the same benefits as “frequent flyer.? You have been warned.

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