Coloring US Hacker Bigotry (Test Your Geographic Ignorance)

I failed to mention in How Do Hackers Live on $53.57? (‘Hack the Air Force’) that ‘Hack the Air Force’ is limited to hackers in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the United States (blue on the following map).

The dreaded North Korean hackers, the omnipresent Russian hackers (of Clinton fame), government associated Chinese hackers, not to mention the financially savvy East European hackers, and many others, are left out of this contest (red on the map).

The US Air Force is “fishing in the shallow end of the cybersecurity talent pool.”

I say this is “a partial cure for geographic ignorance,” because I started with the BlankMap-World4.svg map and proceeded in Gimp to fill in the outlines with appropriate colors.

There are faster map creation methods but going one by one, impressed upon me the need to improve my geographic knowledge!

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