Shortfall in Cypbersecurity Talent or Compensation?

Federal effort is needed to address shortfall in cybersecurity talent by Mike McConnell and Judy Genshaft.

If you want to get in on cybersecurity training scam business, there are a number of quotes you can lift from this post. Consider:

Our nation is under attack. Every day, thousands of entities – private enterprises, public institutions and individual citizens—have their computer networks breached, their systems hacked and their data stolen, degraded or destroyed. Such critical infrastructure impacts the cyber-sanctity of our banking system and electric power grid, each vital to our national security. We believe systemically developing more skilled cybersecurity defenders is the essential link needed to protect our nation from ‘bad actors’’ who would exploit our vital systems.

In its latest global survey, the Information Security Certification Consortium (ISC²) projects a cybersecurity talent shortfall of as much as 1.8 million professionals by 2022­­. This shortage in skilled cybersecurity professionals means that all data and digital systems are at risk. Closing the cyber talent gap will require sustained and concerted efforts of government, the private sector, and educational institutions at all levels.

If you don’t already know that hacking increases every year, spend some time at: Hackmageddon. Or with any security report on hacking.

Think about it. How does cybercrime keep increase during a shortfall of cybersecurity talent?

Answer: It doesn’t. Plenty of cybersecurity talent, just a shortfall on one side of the picture.

A “shortfall,” if you want to call it that, caused by low wages and unreasonable working conditions (no weed, even off the job).

All calls for more cybersecurity talent emphasize being on the “right side,” protecting your country, the system, etc., all BS that you can’t put in the bank.

If you want better cybersecurity, have aggressive compensation packages, very flexible working conditions. The talent is out there, it’s just not free. (Nor should it be.)

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