Building a Keyword Monitoring Pipeline… (Think Download Before Removal)

Building a Keyword Monitoring Pipeline with Python, Pastebin and Searx by Justin Seitz.

From the post:

Having an early warning system is an incredibly useful tool in the OSINT world. Being able to monitor search engines and other sites for keywords, IP addresses, document names, or email addresses is extremely useful. This can tell you if an adversary, competitor or a friendly ally is talking about you online. In this blog post we are going to setup a keyword monitoring pipeline so that we can monitor both popular search engines and Pastebin for keywords, leaked credentials, or anything else we are interested in.

The pipeline will be designed to alert you whenever one of those keywords is discovered or if you are seeing movement for a keyword on a particular search engine.

Learning of data that was posted but is no longer available, is a sad thing.

Increase your odds of grabbing data before removal by following Justin’s post.

A couple of caveats:

  • I would not use GMail, preferring a Tor mail solution, especially for tracking Pastebin postings.
  • Use and rotate at random VPN connections for your Searx setup.

Going completely dark takes more time and effort than most of us can spare, but you can avoid being like a new car dealership with search lights crossing the sky.

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