Topic Mapping BoingBoing Data?

A recent entry on Simon Willison’s blog, How we made an API for BoingBoing in an evening caught my eye.

It was based on the release of eleven years worth of post from BoingBoing, which you can download at: Eleven years’ worth of Boing Boing posts in one file!

Curious what subjects you would choose first for creating a topic map of this data set?

And having chosen them, how would you manage their identity to make it easier on yourself to incorporate other blog content?

I am mindful of Robert Barta’s approach of no data before its time for incorporation into a topic map.

Would that make a difference in your design of the topic map or only in the infrastructure that supports it?

2 Responses to “Topic Mapping BoingBoing Data?”

  1. Edward Iglesias says:

    I seriously considered trying to tackle this but the very nature of the data makes it difficult. With a tagline like “a directory of wonderful things” the contents are bound to be irregular. Still the archives section provides a starting point

    with pre defined categories


    Add in the various tags and authors as subjects and that would be a good start.

  2. Patrick Durusau says:

    @Edward – I think topic maps with models for improvement by others, may be quite useful for some cases.

    That is a map starts off with some basic set of nodes, topics, etc., and those can be added to by uses. Almost a wilipedia model.

    What you have listed sounds like a good start!