Try Redis – Try Topic Maps?

Try Redis is a clever introduction to Redis.

I recommend it to you as an introduction to Redis and NoSQL in general.

It also makes me wonder if it would be possible to create a similar resource for topic maps?

Granting that it would have to make prior choices about subject matter, data sets, etc. but still, it could be an effective marketing tool for topic maps.

I suspect so even if the range of choices to be made to effect merging were limited.

If I were a left-wing one political blogger in the US I would create a topic map that includes donations to Republican PACs and white collar crime convictions by family members.

Or for the right-wing, a mapping between the provisions of ObamaCare and various specific groups and agencies.

Such that users could choose additional information and it shows up in some visually pleasing way to make the case that the user already thinks is true.

Will have to give this some thought in terms of a framework with a smallish number of framework topics and the ability to quickly add in additional topics for a particular demonstration.

Such that it would be possible to quickly create a topic map demo for some breaking news story.

Could provide useful additional content but the main purpose being a demonstration of the technology.

Useful content is fairly rare so no need to tax a topic map demo with always providing useful content. Sometimes, content is simply content. 😉

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