Taking The Pressure Off Standing Rock

Standing Rock is standing firm:

However, their historic betrayers, the Department of Indian Affairs, and more recent betrayers, their own tribal council, are aligned to focus their efforts on the water protectors.

One of the disadvantages Standing Rock faces is government sycophants who favor the pipeline can focus all their efforts at Standing Rock.

Consider this illustration of spreading their efforts over a wider area, say the 1,172 miles of the pipeline:

One or two breaches might be manageable and repairs would make economic sense. What about five major breaches? Or perhaps 10 major breaches? Each one in different sections and not too overlapping in time.

Interest, as you know, runs on loans 24 x 7 and repairs drive up the break even point for any endeavor.

Hemorrhaging cash at multiple locations isn’t sustainable, even for large foreign banks. Eventually, how long is unknown until figures come in for repairs, etc., the entire pipeline will be unprofitable and abandoned.

In the mean time, those points where cash is being lost by the barrel full (sorry), will capture the attention of investors.

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