Protecting DAPL From Breaches (Maps and Hunting Safety)

Any breach in the 1,172 length of the DAPL pipeline renders it useless.

Local sheriffs, underfunded and short staffed, are charged with guarding DAPL’s 1,172 length, in addition to serving their communities.

Places to patrol include heavy equipment rental companies in Illinois, Iowa, North Dakota and South Dakota.

Sheriff’s won’t have to pay overtime and these maps will help deputies reach their patrol areas every day:

Illinois heavy equipment rental

Iowa heavy equipment rental

North Dakota heavy equipment rental

South Dakota heavy equipment rental

Hunting/Police Safety

Hunters have long used pipelines as lines of sight, which could put deputies patrolling the pipeline in harms way. Sheriffs should advertise the patrol locations of deputies well in advance. Due to their professionalism, you won’t find any breaches being made in the pipeline in areas under active deputy patrols.


Some people may question the effectiveness of patrolling heavy equipment rental companies and announced deputy patrols of the pipeline. But sheriffs juggle competing demands for resources and the good of their local community everyday.

A community that sees higher restaurant, motel, employment figures as breaches are repaired.

If I were a sheriff, I would also bear in mind the local community votes in elections, not foreign banks.

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