Maps Enable Searching For DAPL Pipeline Breaches

As I mentioned yesterday, Stopping DAPL – One Breach At A Time, oil cannot flow through the pipeline in the face of known breaches to the pipeline.

But that presumes the ability to monitor the DAPL pipeline.

Someone, perhaps you, will discover a DAPL pipeline breach and notify the press and other responsible parties.

An unknown breach does no good for anyone and can result in environment damage.

If you see a breach, report it!

The question is: Where do you look for breaches of the DAPL pipeline?

Here are maps filed by Dakota Access, LLC, in public hearings, that can help you with your public spirited endeavor.

North Dakota

A Project Aerial Maps

A.2 Avoidance and Exclusion Maps

A.4 Environmental Features Maps

B Tank Terminal Plot Plans

South Dakota

A1 – Project Vicinity Maps

A2 – Topographic Maps

A3 – Soil Maps

A4 – Hydrology Maps

A5 – USGS Landcover/Land Use Field Data Maps


Construction Progress Maps (1 of 2) Dated: 12/28/2016

Construction Progress Maps (2 of 2) Dated: 12/28/2016


Exhibit E, Project Route Map – Illinois Segment

Exhibit F, Legal Description of Illinois Route

Exhibit G, Landowner List (71 pages with parcel id, full name, addresses)

The maps vary from state to state but are of sufficient quality to enable discovery and monitoring of the pipeline for breaches.

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