Designing a Business Card in LaTeX (For Your New Alt-Identities)

Designing a Business Card in LaTeX by Olivier Pieters

From the post:

In 2017, I will graduate from Ghent University. This means starting a professional career, either in academia or in industry. One of the first things that came to mind was that I needed a good curriculum vitæ, and a business card. I already have the former, but I still needed a business card. Consequently, I looked a bit online and was not all that impressed by the tools people used to design them. I did not want to change some template everybody’s using, but do my own thing. And suddenly, I realised: what better tool than LaTeX to make it!

I know, I already hear some saying “why not use the online tools?” or “Photoshop?”. I picked LaTeX because I want to have a platform independent implementation and because why not? I really like making LaTeX documents, so this seemed like something other than creating long documents.

So, how are we going to create it? First, we’ll make a template for the front and back sides. Then, we will modify this to our needs and have a perfectly formatted and aligned business card.

One of the few fun tasks in the creation of an alternative identity should be the creation of a new business card.

Olivier’s post gets you started on the LaTeX side, although an eye-catching design is on you.

It’s too late for some of us to establish convincing alternative identities.

On the other hand, alternative identities should be established for children before they are twelve or so. Complete interlocking financial, social, digital, etc. for each one.

It doesn’t make you a bad parent if you haven’t done so but a verifiable and alternative identity could be priceless in an uncertain world.

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