Webmail for Millions, Powered by Erlang

Webmail for Millions, Powered by Erlang

From the website:

Scott Lystig Fritchie presents the architecture and lessons learned implementing a webmail system in Erlang, using UBF and Hibari, a distributed key-value store, to accommodate a large user base.

UBF? (new to me)

From http://norton.github.com/ubf:

UBF is the “Universal Binary Format”, designed and implemented by Joe Armstrong. UBF is a language for transporting and describing complex data structures across a network. It has three components:

  • UBF(A) is a “language neutral” data transport format, roughly equivalent to well-formed XML.
  • UBF(B) is a programming language for describing types in UBF(A) and protocols between clients and servers. This layer is typically called the “protocol contract”. UBF(B) is roughly equivalent to Verified XML, XML-schemas, SOAP and WDSL.
  • UBF(C) is a meta-level protocol used between a UBF client and a UBF server.

Potential lessons for those developing scalable topic map applications.

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