On the Moral Cowardice of Politicians

Trump posse browbeats Hill Republicans by Rachel Bade.

From the post:

Since the election, numerous congressional Republicans have refused to publicly weigh in on any Trump proposal at odds with Republican orthodoxy, from his border wall to his massive infrastructure package. The most common reason, stated repeatedly but always privately: They’re afraid of being attacked by Breitbart or other big-name Trump supporters.

“Nobody wants to go first,” said Rep. Mark Sanford (R-S.C.), who received nasty phone calls, letters and tweets after he penned an August op-ed in The New York Times, calling on Trump to release his tax returns. “People are naturally reticent to be the first out of the block for fear of Sean Hannity, for fear of Breitbart, for fear of local folks.”

An editor at Breitbart, formerly run by senior Trump adviser Steve Bannon, said that fear is well-founded.

“If any politician in either party veers from what the voters clearly voted for in a landslide election … we stand at the ready to call them out on it and hold them accountable,” the person said.

I wasn’t aware that members of Congress (US) were elected solely by Sean Hannity, Breitbart, or a very small number of “local folks.”

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You too can make your elected representatives/senators afraid, sore afraid.

It takes time, effort and sustained effort, but you can teach them to fear your organization as much as any other.

Don’t bemoan the moral cowardice of your political leadership, capitalize on it to further your demands and agenda.

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