Scala Update with Martin Odersky

Scala Update with Martin Odersky

From the website:

This episode is an update on the developments around the Scala language. We covered the new features in 2.7 and 2.8, as well as what’s planned for 2.9. We then discussed briefly the different “proficiency levels” of Scala programmers. The main part of the episode centered around Martin’s new research project: the polymorphic embedding of DSLs for expressing concurrency into Scala.

Scala is important for a number of uses, not the least of which is noted in: Introduction to Category Theory in Scala

At this Scala Update, you will find: The research project. Follow it. Takes you to a notice about a 5 year European Research Grant that was won by the Scala Research Group. Looks very important and quite possibly an area where topic maps might want to play.

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