Radio Show Host Manual

Host manual for the Software Engineering Radio

The manual if you want to do a show for Software Engineering Radio and quite possibly the manual for any radio show.


Consider the numbers (page 7, although engineers haven’t figured out pagination yet):

  • is in its 11th year with over 270 episodes;
  • published three times monthly by IEEE Software magazine’
  • is downloaded in aggregate 180,000 times or more per month (including current and back catalog), with each show reaching each show 30,000-40,000 within three months;
  • was named the #1 rated developer podcast based on an aggregation of hacker news comments;
  • appeared in in The Simple Programmer’s ultimate list of developer podcasts;
  • was included among 11 podcasts that will make you a better software engineer;
  • is highly rated on iTunes “Top Podcasts” under the category Software:How To;
  • features thought leaders in the field (Eric Evans, David Heinemeier Hansson, Kent Beck, The Gang of Four, Rich Hickey, Michael Nygard, James Turnbull, Michael Stonebraker, Adrian Cockroft, Martin Fowler, Martin Odersky, Eric Brewer,…);
  • a demographic survey we did a few years ago indicated that most of our listeners are software engineers with 5-10 years experience, architects, and technical managers.
  • Twenty-eight pages of information and suggestions.

    Instead of trolling internet censors and their suggestions, create high quality content. (Advice to myself as much as anyone else.)

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