Software Engineering Radio

Software Engineering Radio

I ran across this while following up a lead on a Scala update (to be covered in a separate post).

Just scanning a few of the archived pod-casts I saw materials on Agile programming, JUnit, on being a consultant, NoSQL, etc.

I am reminded that at its inception and even now, in the better projects, software projects aren’t limited to programmers or engineers but have a rich mixture of humanists, mathematicians, logic types, historians (of information as well as the domain), librarians, domain specialists, users (not just user representatives), and others.

Not every project needs them in the same proportions or can even afford to have them all.

But re-inventing semantic diversity using IRIs instead of word tokens is a good example of a lack of diversity in both input and decision making for that project.

That diversity argument applies to other aspects of software projects as well, not just to engineers so don’t start feeling too smug.

Humanists need to learn more about software processes, we can all learn from librarians, project leads can learn from users, etc.

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